Jason Lahrman

 Jason  Lahrman

Jason Lahrman

Avalanche Pub, Marriott Mountain Resort | Vail , CO |

Jason started his career bouncing around the country gaining experience in a variety of culinary styles, targeting locations that are recognized for their cuisine. Some areas of focus were around seafood in the Pacific Northwest, smoked meats in the Texas region, and game in the Rocky Mountains. Jason has been in the Vail Valley for 11 years, with the past six years at the Vail Marriott. He started his career as a supervisor in the kitchen and was quickly promoted into several different leadership roles with his most current as the hotel Sous Chef. Jason focuses a lot of his time on creating seasonal menus, ensuring quality of food is at the highest standard and dietary accommodations are available in wide varieties. Jason is also very aware of his team and making sure each member is set up for success. He is committed to making sure all new and seasoned staff are trained properly and continue gaining the tools needed for their future growth.


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