Matt Good

 Matt   Good

Matt Good

Mid-Vail | Vail, Colorado |

Matthew Good's career began after enrolling in the Culinary Program at Colorado Mountain College where he quickly found his way into the field of fine dining. After 6 years working in Vail Valley for a variety of restaurants such as Zach's Cabin, Beano's Cabin, and Vin48 he moved to Denver with his wife to work under renowned Chef Richard Sandoval at Zengo, a Latin-Asian infusion restaurant. Continuing his culinary journey he found himself traveling the world especially to Mexico, honing in his skills, and gaining his own hands on knowledge of Latin cuisine as well as many other cuisines while continuing to work for Sandoval as an Executive Chef.

Matthew is an eager chef and continues to gain knowledge and experience in every aspect of the culinary realm through his role here at the resort and even through his wife Angie, who is the Pastry Chef at the Cordillera Golf Course. Since his return to the Valley, Matthew has worked as a Sous Chef for Mid-Vail before taking his talents and career to the next level; taking on the role of Chef De Cuisine at Bistro Fourteen.


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