Skuna Bay Salmon Desgustation

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Cast-iron roasted Skuna Bay Medallions
Peppered Skuna Toro Bacon
Confit Salmon Cheek Skordalia
Salmon Chicharrones
Black Garlic Demi-Skuna Bay fume
Basil Buerre Blance
Glazed Seasonal Veg
list of ingredients by component

White onion-diced
Fennel bulb-diced
Nice red wine
Fresh thyme

Brown Sugar
Kosher Salt
Black pepper-fresh cracked

Reserved salmon skin
Pepper-fresh cracked
Olice oil blend

Reserved Cheeks and oil
Russet potato-peeled n diced
Lemon- zest and juice
Roasted garlic puree

Seasonal Vegetable
Blanched Vegetables
Veg stock

Reserved stock
black garlic

white wine

Buthcery (love of the fish)
1.Fiercly tearing into outside box of skuna bay like its Christmas morning, Only to find it beautiful wrapped in another carefully put together box with a hancock from the great handler himself. Breaking the security seal only to smell the freshest Vancouver air which has traveled all the way to the southern rocky mountains.
2. Rinsing the shaved ice off the skuna Bay beauty just like a baby the only difference is the ice cold water. Place the head gently to the left and the belly facing away. Pick up your fillet knife or deba of choice and off with the head. Reserve head in container on ice for later preparation.
3.Now starting at the belly hole trace a half inch line around the fish clock wise above the fins but with a slight angle downward. Once you reach the exit wipe your knife clean.
4. Enter at the tail one inch in from the end with knife facing towards tip of tail, make one cut outward to release the beautifully marbled orange delicousness. Now flip you knife and cut back towards the head following the cobbled back bone allowing your knife to genlty slide against the vertebrae. Be sure to lift the belly flap with free hand to be sure not to damage any precious belly meat. Once you exit the fish wipe knife clean and place fillet gently on prepared surface. Check your job well done. Don’t flip fish this will damage meat.
5. Starting on belly side again trace same pattern around fish half inch in with knife. This time below fins with a slight angle upward. Again wipe knife clean and slice through tail same as top half releasing tail. Flip knife now cutting from tail to head make on clean motion to remove vertebrae. There lies your second beautiful fillet.
6. Remove cheeks from head and place in roasted garlic oil and place in 200 degree oven For thirty minutes. Reserve in oil in refrigerator until ready for later preparation. Place head on sheet pan.
7. Place skeleton with head on sheetpan with chopped Mirepoix and place in oven at 350 for 35 minutes. When finished deglaze with red wine and place in small stock pot add ½ cup whole thyme. 1 tablespoon black pepper. 1 sprig rosemary 1 halved orange. Add 2 cup red wine. And reduce until au sec then top with water. Reduce by two thirds then strain and reserve.
8. Preparing fillets for bacon and medallions. Start by carefully removing pin-bones by pulling in direction of the white line under bone points. Remove rib cage with fillet knife of choice. split belly section from upper section right at the center line. Reserve belly in refrigerator for bacon preparation at later point. Remove skin from upper section and reserve for chicharrones. Trim upper section so bottom and top are rounded and clean of all blood line. Begin cutting medallions by slicing upper section in 1 in thick slices cutting 7/8 of the way through every other cut. Once to end of fish begin folding salmon into medallions. Reserve for cooking in walkin.

Curing and Smoking
1. Remove belly from refrigerator.
2.make dry cure by mixing 3 cups brown sugar with 1½ cups of kosher salt.
3.Place belly in leak proof container and cover with dry rub very generously being sure it is completely covered in mixture.
4.Leave in dry rub for 24 hours then rinse off quickly and pat dry.
5. Place on cold smoker rack skin side down crack fresh black pepper over flesh side until completely covered.
6.Start woodchips and place in cold smoker for 45 minutes.
7.Reserve for final plate up. Make ahead of time up to two weeks in advance.

1.Remove salmon cheek confit from refrigerator.
2. Boil 1 peeled and diced russet potato in salt water until knife easily passes through.
3. Drain water and begin to combine ingredients with potatoes add salmon cheeks from 1 salmon and ½ cup of confit oil and ¼ cup roasted garlic puree. Juice and zest of 1 lemon. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Whip until smooth and light. Place in refrigerator until begins to stiffen.
4. remove from refrigerator and scoop out even portions.
6.Reserve Skoradalia for final plate up.

Salmon chicharrones
1.Remove reserved salmon skin from refrigerator, begin by washing very well under very cold water.
2. Season Skin with salt and pepper heavily. Place on well oiled baking sheet
3. place in 400 degree oven for about 20-25 minutes or until very crispy. While hot brush with roasted garlic puree lightly

Black Garlic Salmon Demi-fume
1. Remove broth from refrigerator. In small sauce pot start by sautéing diced shallots in evoo then deglazing with red wine reduce to au sec then add black garlic cloves and reserve broth.
2.Reduce by half then blend in vitamix. pass through fine chinois and reserve for final plate up.

Basil Buerre Blanc
1. In small sauce pot place shallot , garlic and peppercorn. Add two cups white wine and reduce by half then add in basil.
2.Strain into another sauce pot after reducing to au sec.
3.begin whisking in cubed butter over low flame. Bring to quick light simmer to set.
4.whisk in basil puree for color and more flavor.
5. This sauce should be finished right before plate up.

Glazed Seasonal Vegetables
1. Start by perfectly blanching seasonal vegetables in sea like water.
2. For plate up in small sauce pot reheat vegetables in small amount of vegetables stock and mount with butter right before plate up to glaze vegetables for beautiful presentation.

1. Preheat cast-iron skillet, Pre-heat sauté pan with olive oil blend for frying skordalia. Place vegetables in small sauce pot with vegetable stock.
2.Slice bacon very thin lengthwise to see beautiful marble of belly fat.
3. Season salmon Medallions with salt and pepper. Place in preheated cast iron skillet with grapeseed oil for three minute on each side. Reserve for plate up when finished by wrapping salmon bacon around medallion with pepper crust up.
4. When you flip the salmon begin making skordalia quenelles.
5. Remove hot plate from oven.let cool for a minute so buerre blanc will not break.
6. with ladel of each sauce in each hand place onplate at exact same time so they meet in the center creating two dueling sauces.
7. Place quenelles on plate.
8. Place beautiful pan roasted salmon medallion into middle of plate.
9. arrange season vegetables sparingly and artistically around plate.
10. garnish salmon medallion by sticking salmon chicharrone on top.
11. Last but not least season dish with smoked skuna ikura and micro basil.

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