Chophouse Blue Crab & Avocado Cocktail

Added by: Beaver Creek Chophouse

Crab cocktail
Juice of 3 Limes
2 Ripe Avocados - diced
1 lb. Lump Blue Crab Meat
1 Medium Sized Tomato � diced
2 Medium Sized Shallots - minced
1 tbsp. Coarsely Chopped Cilantro
� c. Mayonnaise
2 c. Shredded Romaine Lettuce

� c. Diced Tomato
Sprigs of Cilantro
1 Lime Cut into Wheels or Wedges

Place 6 martini glasses in the refrigerator to chill. Drain crab meat and gently check for pieces of shell or cartilage. In a small mixing bowl, combine the lime juice and diced avocado and lightly toss (the lime juice will help prevent the avocado from turning brown). In a medium sized mixing bowl combine the crab meat, diced tomato (reserve some for garnish), minced shallots, cilantro and mayonnaise, gently folding until ingredients are just mixed together. Add the lime juice and avocado and gently fold until combined. Over-mixing will break up the crab meat, so don�t over do it. Place 2-3 tablespoons of shredded or thinly sliced Romaine in the bottom of each martini glass. Add the crab cocktail mixture and garnish with diced tomato, a sprig of cilantro and a lime wheel or wedge.

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