Quri Vodka

Quri Vodka

Contact: Jonathan Tourgee
Phone: 443-798-0133
4901 Heil Ave Huntington Beach CA, 92649

Website: https://www.qurivodka.com
Social: Facebook

QURI VODKA is a premium vodka produced from quinoa of the Andes. We work directly with farmers in the Puno region of Perú. 5% to educate women of the Andes.

The entire brand of QURI is derived from concepts of Andean culture. High in the Andes of South America quinoa is celebrated as muru quri, which means the golden grain in the ancient language of Quechua (now only spoken by a handful of people who live deep in the Mountains) and where our vodka gets its name QURI (signifying gold in Quechua). It is the idea that quinoa is as precious as gold, which is why we have laced our bottle in beautiful shining gold. The rays and dots covering our bottle of QURI are derived from the ancient accounting system, Quipu. We have developed our product and concept around this deep and rich Andean culture.

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